Self-Care Boarding

Self-Care Boarding

Self-care boarding is ideal for horse owners wanting a more hands-on approach to caring for their horses. Self-care boarders will be provided a private stall & paddock for their horse, along with pastures for grazing, However, you must provide all of their daily care requirements including cleaning the stall and paddock, evening feeding, and preparing feed & hay for morning feeding.

Stables feed horses each morning between 8:00 & 9:00 A.M. and turn horses out for grazing an hour +/- after feeding. Tenant will be responsible to return their horse to his/her stall each evening. Note: Turnout times and durations may vary based upon weather conditions. If weather conditions deteriorate, stable manager may return horses to stalls at their sole discretion or cancel turnouts for that day.

As self-care boarding doesn’t require full care of the horse, it is generally one of the cheaper options available, lowering your monthly rent and helping you ensure your horse receives the care you desire!

Benefits of Self-Care Boarding

There are many benefits of self-care boarding for both horses and owners, including:

  • A well-kept professional facility to keep your horse including:

    • Private stall & paddock with electrical receptacle and light

    • Feed/Tack storage bay (climate controlled)

    • Bulk hay storage

    • Trailer storage

    • Access to facility amenities

  • Ability to be responsible for providing customized care for your horse.

  • Plenty of time to spend with your horse, developing a good and trusting relationship.

  • Reduced costs.

  • You’re totally in charge of your horse’s wellbeing.

  • Other horse owners around who may be more experienced and able to offer advice and assistance if needed.

  • If you’ve never considered self-care boarding for your horse before, perhaps you should explore this as an option. Self-care boarding could be just what your horse needs.

Your Responsibilities in Our Self-Care Facility

When self-care boarding at our facility, it is important to ensure you take your responsibilities seriously. You will be fully responsible for the care and well-being of your horse. This includes mucking out the stall and keeping your horse’s space clean, safe, and comfortable. Furthermore, you will need to purchase all the hay, bedding, grain, and feeds your horse requires, in addition to organizing vet appointments, as and when your horse requires them.

Boarding Contract & Payment

Our facility will require horse owners to sign a contract before boarding their horses, whatever board option has been chosen. Be sure to fully read, review, and understand the terms and conditions of our contract and ask any questions you may have prior to signing. All contracts are sent electronically via DocuSign for signatures. Our standard self-care boarding contract will outline the following details:

  • Where your horse will be kept.

  • How your horse will be fed.

  • The extra expenses you are responsible for (feed, bedding, hay, medical expenses, and so on).

  • How emergencies on-site are handled.

  • Amenities in the facility available for your use.

  • Hours of operation.

  • Health and safety rules and regulations.

All visitors and guest will be required to sign a waiver prior to entering the facility.

Payments may be made via credit card, debit card, or check. Cash is not accepted.